2020 GWS Commencement canceled

*Visit our commencement page for details for graduating seniors.

Tuesday, March 24th

Dear Graduating Majors and Minors in GWS and PhD students in the DEWGS,
Last night, the University announced their decision to cancel the University Commencement events for May 2020.  I know this must be a disappointment to all of you.  You have worked long and hard for your degrees, and celebrating this achievement with your fellow students, your friends, your family, and those of us working here at Berkeley is always a high point. We in GWS treasure the opportunity to recognize your achievements, and Althea always makes sure it’s an exciting program of speakers and guests.  I’m sorry we cannot offer this experience to you at the end of the spring semester this year.  The Department has agreed that, in these circumstances, it makes no sense to continue to plan for a celebration this May: we have canceled our departmental graduation.
We will be in touch as we think about what options we have to host a graduation ceremony for the class of 2020 (perhaps later, in person, or in some virtual community form).  We have a few ideas, and if you have any suggestions, please send them to undergraduate advisor Althea Cummings (cummings@berkeley.edu) or to myself (lcnelson@berkeley.edu).
I hope you are finding ways to relax and recharge, at least a little, during this Spring Break.  These are unprecedented times here at Berkeley, and I’ve been hearing many stories of extreme hardships students are facing in the disruptions associated with Covid-19, including disruptions to your studies but by no means limited to that domain.
On behalf of all of us faculty and staff at GWS, I send you all wishes that you and your near-and-dear stay healthy, and that we will see you all again when this is past us.
Laura C. Nelson
Chair, GWS
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