Call for Proposals – Summer Session 2017



Gender and Popular Cultures
Gender and Sexuality in Global Issues

The Department of Gender and Women’s Studies invites UC Berkeley graduate students to submit proposals for Summer Session 2017. Proposals for summer courses should include a course title, a preliminary syllabus, your CV, student evaluations and contact information. Summer Session courses in Gender and Women’s Studies attract students from many different fields and departments so course design should be interdisciplinary and geared towards students who are not majors. We are looking for rigorous, innovative, and inviting ideas for courses on the above topics relating to women, gender, and sexuality. Other topics that will engage undergraduates will be accepted. The Department is committed to intersectional approaches which include race, class, ethnicity, coloniality, disability, etc…. This proposed course maybe considered as an American Culture’s course.

Please send 2 copies of proposals to Dept. Chair, c/o Althea Grannum Cummings, Gender and Women’s Studies Dept., UCB, 608 Barrows–1070, Berkeley, 94720-1070


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