Gattaca at 20 – Panel with Mel Y. Chen

The Center for Genetics and Society presents:

Twenty years after its release, Gattaca continues to shape our imaginations and spark important conversations about the nature of health and disability, and whether diversity and inclusion are meaningful values in a society where genetic technologies determine opportunity and resources. It also suggests uncomfortable questions – how close is our present reality coming to Gattaca’s fictional dystopia?

The March 6 screening, held at the David Brower Center in downtown Berkeley, features opening remarks by Troy Duster and a moderated discussion with Mel Y. Chen, Karen Nakamura, Rosemarie Garland-Thomson, and Osagie Obasagie. You will be able to share your thoughts on Gattaca through a story booth, hosted by the Life of the Law podcast.

The March 8 screening, held at the San Francisco Main Public Library, features a moderated discussion with disability scholars and activists Alice Wong, Sara Acevedo, Dominika Bednarska, Karen Nakamura, Lawrence Carter-Long, Catherine Kudlick, and Marcy Darnovsky.

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