GWS Spring 2016 Readerships Available


GWS 14–Gender, Sex and Race in Global Political Issues
Instructor:  Ayse Agis <>

GWS 100AC–Wilderness, Gender, Race and American Identity
Instructor:  Barbara Barnes <>

GWS 101–Doing Feminist Research
Instructor:  Charis Thompson <>

GWS 104–Advanced Feminist Theory
Instructor:  Barbara Barnes <>

GWS 134–Gender and the Politics of Childhood
Instructor:  Laura Nelson <>

GWS 142–Women in the Muslim and Arab Worlds
Instructor:  Minoo Moallem <>

GWS 144–Alternate Sexualities in a Transnational World
Instructor:  Natasha Distiller <>

LGBT C148 — Ethnicity, Gender and Sexuality
Instructor:  Jac Asher <>

Please contact the instructor directly if you are interested in being a Reader for one of these courses.

Post period:
Dec 21 2015 – Jan 29 2016
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