READERSHIPS AVAILABLE – Gendered Ecologies and Gender in American Culture

The Department has an immediate opening for a reader for the following courses for Fall Semester 2015:

GWS 40
Gendered Ecologies: Exploring Human Non-Human Entanglements

Instructor:  Barbara Barnes <>
TuTh 11-12:30/458 Evans

How might we understand, and intervene with, ecological crises such as global climate change, the nuclear disaster at Fukushima, the poisoning of communities through industrial and chemical production/consumption, and the displacement of communities after hurricanes, floods, or earthquakes? How might we understand such ecological crises as social crises, also rooted in entrenched social power relations? This class will explore these questions by starting with the idea that both nature and gender are constructed, and the constructions of these categories are historically reliant on one another. We will also take “gender” to be a complex and messy identity designation, always necessarily entangled with racialization and racism, and dependent upon time and place. Class discussions and assignments will explore how life is made possible within the relationships of human and nonhuman natures, how environments become less livable when those relationships are disregarded, and how the lines between “human” and “nonhuman” are (like “gender” and “nature”) made through politics (relations of power, including gender, race, and colonialism).

Gender in American Culture

Instructor:  Barbara Barnes <>
TuTh 3:30-5/390 Hearst Mining

This course will be an investigation into the complexities and variations of the term “America(n)” as it is inflected by gender and other power relations such as class, “race”/ethnicity, national origin, sexuality and location. Its central focus will be the concepts of “home” and “homeland”—–and the identities that constitute and complicate these concepts: family, citizen, native, immigrant, alien.

Please contact the instructor directly if you are interested in being a Reader for one of these classes.

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