Recent Articles by Paola Bacchetta

Recent Articles by Professor Paola Bacchetta

“On the Need to Claim (Physical) QTBIPOC Spaces.” With gens QTBPOC collective (Fatima El-Tayeb, Jin Haritaworn, Jillian Hernandez, SA Smythe, Vanessa Thompson, Tiffany Wilborough-Herard). In Contemptorary. (October 2017).

“Murderous Conditions and LQT POC Decolonial-Anti-Capitalist Life Imaginings in France.” In double special issue on “Postcolonial Queers in Europe,” Lambda Nordica. No. 2-3, vol. 22, 153-173. (2017).

“Queer People of Color and Urban Space in France, Germany and The Netherlands” (with Fatima El Tayeb and Jin Haritaworn). In Decolonize the City, co-edited by Noa Ha, Veronika Zablotsky and Mahdis Azarmandi. Berlin, Germany: Unrast, 2017.

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