Stalled! Event Video

Watch the video of the Bathroom Brigade’s February 6th, 2015 event, Stalled.

Conversations with scholars, architects and activists on institutional violence, gender and transgender, disability, race, poverty, safety, and an issue that brings these all together: bathroom access.


  • Juana María Rodríguez
    (Gender and Women’s Studies, President’s Advisory Council on LGBT Students, Faculty, and Staff for the University of California Office of the President)
  • Ianna Hawkins Owen
    (African American Studies: Member, UAW Local 2865 U.C. Student Worker Union)
  • Emily Marthinsen, AIA
    (U.C. Berkeley Campus Architect)
  • Tiny Garcia
    (Po’ Poet, Poverty Skola from POOR Magazine/Prensa POBRE)
  • Francis Moore
    (from Auntie Francis Love Mission & Self-Help Hunger Project)
  • Susan Schweik
  • Alexander Li-Hua Lee
    (Associate Director for Public Interest and Public Sector Programs, Career Development Office, Berkeley Law; Founder, Transgender, Gender Variant & Intersex Justice Project)
  • Susan Stryker
    (Director, Institute for LGBT Studies and Gender and Women’s Studies, University of Arizona)

the Department of Gender and Women’s Studies, UC Berkeley
the ARCUS Endowment of the College of Environmental Design, UC Berkeley.

Organized by:
The Bathroom Brigade

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