What courses do I need to take in order to declare the GWS major?

What kind of G.P.A. must I have to get into the GWS major?

When should I declare?

What must I do to declare the GWS major?

How many courses and units must I complete in Gender and Women Studies?

What kind of courses will count as GWS electives?

Can upper division major courses be taken elsewhere?

Can I take any of the GWS course requirements for a P/NP grade?

Are there any minimum grade requirements that I must achieve in any GWS courses?

Do I have to take the Honors program?

How often are the GWS courses offered?

Can I walk in the Commencement ceremony in May if I'm not graduating until Summer or Fall?

Do you have any papers from last semester?

What do you do if you want to contest a GWS grade?