• The Beatrice Bain Research Group (BBRG)

    A major research program in the Department of Gender & Women’s Studies, The Beatrice Bain Research Group hosts gender scholars from around the globe and organizes scholarly events on the UC Berkeley campus.

  • Chau Hoi Shuen Program in Gender and Science

    UC Berkeley's Chau Hoi Shuen Program in Gender and Science supports and promotes scholarship that explores the many diverse links between gender and science – including the role science plays in determining public understandings of gender; gender theory as applied to medicine, the environment, and militarization; and the role of science in sexuality studies.

  • Visiting Scholar Program

    The Department of Gender & Women’s Studies hosts a small number of scholars who have active collaborations in place with GWS faculty members. Click here for full details on opportunities to visit the department.

  • Resources

    Explore the UC Berkeley Gender Studies library collections and browse our collection of web resources.

  • Publications

    Looking for a particular book penned by one of our faculty? Interested in browsing through our collection of award-winning books?

The award-winning research conducted by our faculty has played a formative role in shaping studies of gender and sexuality worldwide, and continues to contribute prominently to critical thinking about – and to complicate understandings of – gender within the most pressing issues of our day. Our dynamic research embodies the diversity, multi-disciplinarity, and political commitments that characterize the field of Gender and Women’s Studies.