GWS Minor

Declaring the GWS Minor

Students in the College of Letters & Science may complete one or more minors of their choice, normally in a field both academically and administratively distinct from their major. To be admitted to the minor in Gender and Women’s Studies, students must complete GWS 10 or 20 and five upper division courses.


  • A total of six (6) courses are required for the minor.
  • All courses must be completed on a letter-graded basis.
  • No more than one course can be used to satisfy both the minor and major requirements.
  • All courses to satisfy the minor must be taken in the Gender and Women’s Studies Department.
  • Students must achieve at least a C average (2.0) in the upper division courses to satisfy the minor.
  • You must declare your minor with the GWS Undergraduate Adviser (UA) no later than the semester before your Expected Graduation Term (EGT). If the semester before EGT is fall or spring, the deadline is the last day of RRR week. If the semester before EGT is summer, the deadline is the final Friday of Summer Sessions.
  • To declare, students must complete the Minor Worksheet and submit it to the (UA) in 608 Social Sciences Building.
  • After completing ALL minor courses, fill out the Completion of L&S Minor form (obtain from L&S Office of Undergraduate Advising in 206 Evans Hall or and submit it to the dept. UA.
  • Students who did not declare the minor before their EGT may submit a Completion of L&S Minor Form after the fourth week of their EGT. This form will be used to both declare and determine completion of minor for students in their final term


Lower Division Requirements

  • 10, Introduction to Gender and Women’s Studies
  • 20, Introduction to Feminist Theory

Upper Division Requirements

Minors in Gender and Women’s Studies must complete one upper division course from the following core courses:

  • 101, Doing Feminist Research
  • 102, Transnational Feminisms

Elective Requirements:

In addition, four upper division elective courses in GWS or LGBT are required.

List of GWS and LGBT courses and electives