Evelyn Nakano Glenn

Professor of the Graduate School in Gender & Women's Studies and Ethnic Studies

Evelyn Nakano Glenn is Professor of Gender and Women’s Studies and Ethnic Studies and founding director of the Center for Race and Gender, an organized research unit.

Other positions include: Society for the Study of Social Problems; Deputy Editor, American Sociological Review; Editorial Collective, Feminist Studies; Outstanding Article Prize from the Association of Black Women Historians; Award for Outstanding Scholarly Achievement, American Sociological Section on Race, Gender and Class; Oliver Cromwell Cox Award, American Sociological Association Section on Race and Ethnic...

Barrie Thorne

Emerita Professor of Gender & Women's Studies and Sociology

Barrie Thorne joined the UC Berkeley faculty in 1995 with a joint appointment in Gender & Women's Studies and in Sociology. She previously taught at Michigan State University and the University of Southern California, where she was active in creating and rejuvenating interdisciplinary feminist studies programs. In 2002 she received the American Sociological Association Jessie Bernard Award in recognition of scholarly work that has enlarged the horizons of sociology to encompass the role of women in society. She has also received awards for teaching and mentoring.

Barrie Thorne's...

Irene Tinker

Emerita Professor

Founder, International Centre for Research on Women (ICRW)

A pioneer in the study of the economic impact on women in developing countries, Tinker has combined scholarship and activism throughout her professional life. Her attraction to studying other cultures began when she drove to and from India from England in 1951 to conduct research for her doctoral dissertation at the London School of Economics after graduating from Radcliffe/Harvard. She and her newly acquired husband drove from Kenya to London: she chronicled this adventure inCrossing Centuries: A Road Trip through...

Trinh T. Minh-ha

Distinguished Professor of the Graduate School in the departments of Gender & Women's Studies and Rhetoric

Originally trained as a musical composer, who received her two masters and Ph.D. from University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana, Trinh T. Minh-ha is a world-renowned independent filmmaker and feminist, post-colonial theorist. She teaches courses that focus on women’s work as related to cultural politics, post-coloniality, contemporary critical theory and the arts. She has also taught at Harvard, Smith, Cornell, San Francisco State University, the University of Illinois, Ochanomizu University in Japan, and the National Conservatory of Music in Senegal. Aside from the eight books she...