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Affiliated Scholars


The Institute for Gender & Sexuality Research (IGSR) is UC Berkeley’s research center for the production and dissemination of critical, interdisciplinary feminist research on women and gender. The IGSR is particularly interested in enabling research on gender in its intersections with sexuality, race, class, nation, religion, postcoloniality, globalization and transnational feminisms.

Among the IGSR programs and activities is the IGSR Affiliated Scholars Program, designed to accommodate visiting scholars who would like to spend a relatively short period of time in residence, ranging from one month to one semester. (For a period of residency of one full academic year, please see the IGSR Scholars-in-Residence Program). The IGSR Affiliated Scholars Program is open to scholars who meet UC Berkeley's visiting scholar definition, from the U.S. and abroad, whose work is centrally on women and gender. Applicants must have the Ph.D. (or its equivalent) in hand five years prior to the beginning of the appointment.  For fields in which a Ph.D. is not required for senior-level scholarship, please include a short explanation in your application cover letter describing your qualifications to conduct doctoral level research.

The IGSR accepts applications for the IGSR Affiliated Scholars Program throughout the academic year.

Affiliated Scholars have access to UC Berkeley library privileges, a shared office, and shared computer and internet access. Affiliated Scholars are invited to participate in the IGSR Scholars’ Writing/Reading Group, and may request that the IGSR organize a public presentation wherein the scholar would present her or his scholarly or creative work to the Berkeley campus community and the public.

Affiliated Visiting Scholars provide their own financial support during the residency. There are fees associated with being a IGSR Affiliated Scholar. These fees must be paid upon arrival. Late payments are not possible. Please plan accordingly.

IGSR Affiliated Scholars Program Application

To apply for the IGSR Affiliated Visiting Scholars Program, send the following materials by email attachment to igsr@berkeley.edu. All materials must be submitted in English.

Materials to be Submitted
  1. Letter of Intent. (This should include the reason why you seek affiliation and the proposed duration of your stay with the IGSR.)
  2. Curriculum Vitae
  3. Abstract of Research or Creative Project (proposed for the IGSR appointment period). The length should be 200 words or less.
  4. Supporting materials. Scholars in the humanities, social sciences and natural sciences should submit a digital copy of a written work (such as an article, book chapter, or draft thereof) not to exceed 30 pages. Artists should submit photos of artwork; film-makers, copies of films; musicians, a digital copy of their creative work; and creative writers, a text (fiction, non-fiction, play or part thereof) not to exceed 30 pages. Journalists should submit articles not to exceed 30 pages.
  5. Before applying, please review the visiting scholar program fees.
  6. BBRG Fee Waiver Request (optional).

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