Dora Silva Santana

Assistant Professor

Dora Silva Santana is an artist and a scholar. She is an Assistant Professor of Gender & Women’s Studies at the University of California at Berkeley. She is currently working on a book tentatively titled “Iconica: transing afro diasporic signs” in which she argues that, for black trans people, images that populate our art, imaginary, stories, and other forms of media correspond with actions for transformative living, whose meanings have been dislocated or erased by colonialism. She draws from multisited visual archives, critical memoir passages and translinguistic sources from the African diaspora, mainly from the global south.

Peer-Reviewed Articles 

2019 “Mais Viva!reassembling blackness, transness and feminism.”TSQ: Transgender Studies Quarterly. Trans Studies en Las Americas. Volume 6, Number 2. May 2019:210-222. Duke University Press. 

Translated Version: 

Mais Viva!: Reensamblando la Experiencia Trans, la Negritud y el Feminismo 

Traducido por Lucca B. Valentiín Medina y C. Rivera-Velázquez Available at TSQ*Now on April 2nd 2021 at 

2017 “Transitionings and Re-turnings: Experiments with the Poetics of Transatlantic Water.”TSQ: Transgender Studies Quarterly. The Issue of Blackness. Volume 4, Number 2. May 2017:181-190. Duke University Press.

Research interests: 
  • Black Trans Studies
  • Black Queer and Trans feminist theory
  • Visual culture, media and technology
  • Global South Epistemologies
  • Black Poetics


634 Social Sciences Building